Planning a trip to Tokyo this summer? To make your stay in Tokyo even more enjoyable, here are some information about summer events and gourmet along Keio Line, as well as summer souvenir you can buy at Keio Department Store in Shinjuku! Don’t miss out two fun campaigns held by Keio Department Store: parent-child free event and fun glasses giveaway! Check out these campaigns to make your Tokyo trip more enjoyable!

Summer Items

Must-have summer items to get through summer in Japan! All available at Keio Department Store, Shinjuku.

*All indicated prices include tax.

Summer Events

Summer festivals and night events you can enjoy along Keio Line!

〈Yomiuriland Pool WAI〉
From JUN 30 (SAT) to SEPT 9 (SUN)

<Travel Time> Train 21 min (fastest) + gondola 5 to 10 min
Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.]→transfer at [Chofu Sta.]→Keio Sagamihara Line [Keio Yomiuriland Sta.]→ gondola

Enjoy 5 swimming pools with clear water and 3 slides. Fun daytime events held every day.

<Pool Ticket Price>

Adults (Age 18 to 64) 3,200 yen
Middle / High school students 2,500 yen
Age 3 to elementary school students 2,100 yen
Senior (Age 65 and over) 2,000 yen

*Yomiuriland Pool WAI prohibits the entry of persons with tattoos or other body art (incl. sticker). No refund if you are asked to leave after entering Pool WAI.
*No swimming in clothes or regular diapers. (When wearing a swim diaper, please wear a swimsuit over it.)
*No smoking. (Smoking area available)

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〈Sanrio Puroland Puro Summer Festival 2018〉
From JUL 14 (SAT) to SEPT 2 (SUN)

<Travel Time> Train 30 min (fastest) + walk 5 min
Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.]→transfer at [Chofu Sta.]→Keio Sagamihara Line [Keio-tama-center Sta.]

This summer at Sanrio Puroland, “Puro Island” -inspired by ocean and Southern Islands-will appear for the first time. It’s just like spending fun time on the beach! Also, try cute character “MEN (noodle)” like ramen and spaghetti at the food festival “Ike MEN Fes.” At the new live show “KAWAII Beat Matsurythm!!” held every day, enjoy the characters wearing happi (Japanese festival outfit) and pop omikoshi (portable shrine). Visit indoor theme park Sanrio Puroland where you can enjoy summer all day!
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〈Jindaiji Temple Ground Cherry Festival〉
From JUL 20 (FRI) to JUL 22 (SUN)

<Travel Time> Train 14 min + bus 15 min + walk 1 min
Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.]→[Chofu Sta.]→bus bound for [Jindaiji Temple] (bus stop 14)→[Jindaiji Temple] bus stop

Other than the “Ground Cherry Festival” at the Jindaiji Temple and its pathway, Jindaiji area will be filled with exciting events like live performance and Chofu yosakoi dance. “Happy Gate” made of ground cherries is one of the highlights of this event.

<Time> 10:00AM to 6:30PM every day

Get summer fashion items at Keio Department Store, Shinjuku
to enjoy Japanese summer events even more!!

*All indicated prices include tax.

Summer Gourmet

Beer gardens and summer gourmet you can enjoy along Keio Line!

〈Keio Asahi Sky Beer Garden〉
Until SEPT 2 (SUN)

Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.] →Keio Department Store Rooftop

Satisfy your thirst under refreshing night breeze with a beautiful night-view of Nishi-Shinjuku. Great location right above Shinjuku Station! Plenty of meat and fried menus available. Also, a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for those who cannot drink alcohol and kids are available, so the whole family can enjoy!

<Opening Hours> 5PM to 10PM (last order 30 min before closing time.)
*Closed on AUG 21 (TUE).
*May be suspended due to bad weather such as rain and storm.
*Non-smoking. (Smoking area available.)

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Special Campaign -coming soon!-

〈Keio BBQ Garden〉
Until NOV 25 (SUN)

Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.]→Keio Department Store Rooftop

No need to prepare barbeque equipments and charcoal! No need to take back garbage! Bring in barbeque ingredients like meat and vegetables, as well as drinks! Enjoy the light-up at night as well as the city lights of west Shinjuku.

<Opening Hours> Session 1: 11AM to 2PM / Session 2: 3PM to 6PM / Session 3: 7PM to 10PM *Includes time for registration and clean-up.


Adults (Age 13 and over) 2,160 yen
Children (under age 12) 1,080 yen
Infants Free

*Price per 1 person per session. *Available from more than 2 persons.

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〈Mt. Takao Beer Mount〉
Until OCT 15 (MON)

<Travel Time> Train 50 min (fastest) + cable car 6 min + walk 1 min
Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.]→Keio Takao Line [Takaosanguchi Sta.]→cable car [Kiyotaki Sta.]→[Takaosan Sta.]

From top of a beer garden located 500m above sea level, enjoy the beautiful view and 2 hours of all-you-can-drink & eat menu.

<Opening Hours> 1PM to 9PM (last order 8:45PM)


Men 3,800 yen
Women 3,600 yen
Senior Men (over 65) 3,500 yen
Senior Women (over 65) 3,300 yen
High School Students 3,300 yen
Middle School Students 2,500 yen
Elementary school students 1,500 yen
Infants 500 yen

*Additional fee required after 2 hours.
Weekdays: 500 yen every 30 min
Weekends & holidays: 1,000 yen every 30 min

Special Mt. Takao Tour available

Enjoy refreshing summer sweets
at Keio Department Store, Shinjuku!!

*All indicated prices include tax.

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