Sakura Campaign|京王百貨店 新宿店 Sakura Campaign|京王百貨店 新宿店

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Keio Department Store, ShinjukuSakura goods available for limited time only. (available from early February)



Right outside West exit of Shinjuku Station. Easy access. 8% Tax Free. No service fee charged.
Introducing Sakura goods to take along on Sakura Viewing, or to take back home as souvenirs!

About Keio Department Store

*All prices include tax.
*All are seasonal items and limited in numbers and period sold. Some may be sold out at the store.
*Alcohols are available only for customers over 20 years old.


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【Fashion / Stationery Goods】

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【Sanrio Goods】

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Keio Plaza Hotel (Shinjuku)“Cherry Blossom Spring Fair” MAR 1 (THU) – APR 30 (MON)

SAKURA GourmetSAKURA Gourmet


Under the theme of “Sakura”, chefs from 8 restaurants at Keio Plaza Hotel have produced special menus, available from March 1st (THU) to April 30th (MON), 2018. Also the main lobby and other locations around the hotel will showcase Sakura decorations including large scale flower arrangement, which you can take pictures.

About Keio Plaza Hotel

*Menu above are available until APR 30 (MON), 2018.
*All prices are per person (including tax and service fee).


"Ikebana" flower arrangement
Displayed period:
MAR 31 (SAT) – APR 15 (SUN), 2018.

Enjoy one kind of a special flower arrangement created by flower arrangement artist, Hiroki Maeno displayed at Main lobby on Main Tower 3F.

*Picture shown here is a piece made in 2017.

Special Colum: About Shinjuku Gyoen Park ≫

Alongside Keio LineSakura spots to go using Keio Line / Keio Inokashira Line.



Great tips for those who visit Japan often, and have already gone to most of the major spots that everyone knows. There are many hidden Sakura spots alongside Keio Line / Keio Inokashira Line running across West Tokyo, where you can go and come back whining a day. Keio 1DAY Ticket (Adult: 900 yen, Child: 450 yen) is also available to make your trip easier!

About Keio Railway

SAKURA Spot Route Map

*Expected peak bloom date varies each year depending on the weather and location.


Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.] → Keio Sagamihara Line [Keio-yomiuri-land Sta.]
Train: 21 mins (fastest way) + Gondola lift: 5 – 10 mins

An amusement park where you can enjoy a very unique Sakura viewing while riding attractions. The fastest & shouting Hanami (sakura viewing) on rollercoaster, Hanami in the sky on gondola, and so on. You can also enjoy illumination with sakura at night, too.

Google Map

Want to win free Yomiuriland One-Day Tickets?

Lucky Draw is available on Keio Department Store’s Facebook page.

Apply for Lucky Draw ≫on Keio Department Store Facebook page

*If you haven’t read how to apply for Lucky Draw, please go to Lucky Draw instruction page before applying.

②Inokashira Onshi Park

Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.] → Keio Line [Meidaimae Sta.] → Keio Inokashira Line [Inokashira-koen Sta.]
Train: 30 mins + 1 min walk from the station

Inokashira Park is very close from “Kichijoji”, a popular area among overseas tourists. The park has approximately 500 Sakura trees. It is great to walk around the pond surrounded by sakura trees.

Google Map

③Kandagawa (the Kanda River ) near Takaido Station

Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.] → Keio Line [Meidaimae Sta.] → Keio Inokashira Line [Takaido Sta.]
Train: 20 mins + 1 min walk from station

Sakura trees blossom on both banks of Kandagawa, the river that takes water from Inokashira Park. You can enjoy looking at these sakura trees from Inokashira Line, too. Local Japanese look forward to this season, and walk along the river. It is easy to get to as it’s so close from the station.

Google Map

④Nogawa walking trail

Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.] → Keio Line [Kokuryo Sta.]
Train: 30 mins + 10 mins walk from station

Nogawa (river) is a hidden sakura spot only locals know. You can enjoy sakura and canola flower at once to really feel Japanese spring. Nogawa has one day only light-up event.

Google Map

⑤Zenpukuji River (near Wadabori Park)

Keio Line [Shinjuku Sta.] → Keio Line [Meidaimae Sta.] → Keio Inokashira Line [Nishi-eifuku Sta.]
Train: 20 mins + 15 mins walk from station

From the station, walk through residential area for 15 mins, and you will get to Zenpukuji River. There is a park where locals gather, and a historical temple recommended for a walk around.

Google Map